who we are

BriteSpot is a collection of media professionals working together to achieve high production values with down-to-earth budgets. Our professionals have years of experience in video, online and print media production and distribution. We understand that media is an ever-changing world and we adjust our goals to match the needs of the client.

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what we do

BriteSpot specializes in the following media production disciplines:

  • video production: planning/capture
  • post-production: editing/delivery
  • online media management and distribution
  • still photography/product shots/head shots
  • motion graphics/animation
  • graphic design
  • web integration
  • print

In addition to these services we also offer complimentary skills such as search engine optimization (SEO), branding and media planning and consultation.

our team

Our core team is made up of media professionals spanning several media production disciplines.

  • David Iversen, Evil Genius LLC - video production and online media specialist; 20+ years experience
  • Scott Rucci, Rucci Productions Inc - video production, camera and post-production; 20+ years experience
  • Michael Garske, Shutterlab Creative LLC - post-production, motion graphics and camera; 7+ years experience shutterlabcreative.com
  • Andy Poe, Boulder Mountain Filmworks LLC - video production; 10+ years experience
  • Scott Carr, Spyder Lifestyle Strategies Inc - branding and marketing; 20+ years experience


  • Super Slo-mo: 240 fps HD, 900 fps burst SD
  • 2k Raw
  • 4k compressed
  • Timelapse: Less than 1 Day with Tracking
  • Timelapse: Multi-day, up to months; Solar Powered
  • Live switching
  • Go Pro
  • Streaming uplink
  • 16mm and 35mm film experience

where we are

Our primary office is located at 515 St. Mary’s Street in the heart of Raleigh's bustling Glenwood South arts and entertainment district. Our offices feature full-service supervised editing facilities in a comfortable setting, green-screen studio, talking head studio and still photo/headshot studio.


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our clients

Akea, UNC Hospitals, Research Triangle Regional Partnership, eLogHomes.Com, NC Solar, MSA, NC Cleantech, Central Harnett Hospital, NC Statewide Program for Infection Control & Epidemiology (award winning), National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Wake County Public School System, SwimSafe Seal, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crescent Tools, Southbend, Lord Corporation, Constantinou Law Group, Subway, ABC, No-Nonsense Hosiery

the production process

Every BriteSpot project starts with thorough consultation with the clients about their product or service and what makes them unique in the marketplace.  Then we develop a media strategy drawn from our extensive experience.  We discuss budget and timetable as we shape the production to meet the clients financial needs. During production and post-production we communicate with the client to make sure the goals and needs are still being met.

ongoing relationship

BriteSpot strives to build lasting relationships with our clients to make sure their media assets are still relevant in today’s fast moving landscape.  With the developments in new production and distribution technologies, we continuously re-examine the needs of our clients to ensure we are getting the most from their media assets; both online, in broadcast and print.

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